Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.
Membership Deutscher Künstlerbund
The Deutscher Künstlerbund perceives itself as an association of visual artists, who commit themselves to the protection of their members’ interests while respecting each other’s work. It is a vibrant place of artistic debate and critical discourse.

Members of the Künstlerbund cooperate in national and international governmental committees, boards of curators and panels, which play an advisory role in the debating of legislative regulations. The project space in Berlin provides an attractive platform for the discussion of current questions and contemporary positions.

A self-application for the admission in the Deutscher Künstlerbund is not possible. The membership is acquired through the proposal of two members, the decision of a commission confirmed by the executive committee and the submission of a written declaration of membership. The publication of artistically significant work or special merits in the field of art are preconditions to the admission.

Those interested are requested to approach two members of the Deutscher Künstlerbund. This year we are implementing a new digital platform for the admission process. As soon as the platfrom is in place, we will inform our members to send their proposals. The commission will most likely meet in late autumn.