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Discussion in the Project Space
»Der andere Blick? – Künstler als Kuratoren« Hans-Christian Dany, Peter Friedl, Thomas Huber, Corinna Schnitt, Barbara Steiner
Over the past years, curators as creators of exhibitions progressively have come to the fore, due to the almost overpowering influence they have on the production, presentation and reception of art.

But what happens if the artist takes on the position of the curator? If he simultaneously promotes his art – what can he achieve, what a curator can't ?  Are artists even capable of giving new impetus that is relevant beyond their own artistic practice? Should artists take on other positions at all, or do we rather expect them to stick to their artistic position?


The topics that are being considered challenge the systems of power and hierarchy. They deal with the meaning of curating for the artistic level and raise questions about a curatorial liability towards art. Where are we located within the priorities of art, artist and curator?