Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.
18.11.2005 until 19.11.2005
Exhibition in the Project Space
Rolf Bier »Strip – Bilder in Folge«
»strip – Bilder in Folge« concentrates on sequences and raises the question of why we particularly remember intensive experiences as a mini-movie broken up into solitary stills.

What actually remains of retinal reception - which human beings are constantly exposed to - as an image? How exactly do images arise and how do memory and image genesis intercommunicate?  These and other questions open up design spaces in the mainly undetermined area between the static frame of painting and photography and the moving images of films.


Rolf Bier invited 30 international artists, of whom each - approaching the above raised questions - produced a sequence for the project as a slide or video projection. Within the frame of the exhibition all of the separately clocked sequences are presented consecutively in the form of a »strip screening«.


The present relevance of the questions developed in strip and the specific relevance related to the status of the image is reflected in the fact that, due to the spreading of digital photography,  private image production and processing has become accessible to almost everyone. Problems and questions of image genesis have always been in the focus of artistic work, which is determined by the quest of the extraordinary image as well as of the analytic and surprising views onto the world.


»strip« is rather an artistic project than an exhibition. Following the first »performances« in Hannover and Berlin it will be presented and continued in different places. At the same time »striparchive« – an archive of artistic image sequences is developed.


Silvia Bächli (CH), Stephan Banz (CH), Thomas Baumann/Martin Kaltner (A), Rolf Bier (D), Delphine Courtillot (F), Stefan Ettlinger (D), Maria Finn (S), Thomas Ganzenmüller (D), Christoph Girardet (D), Eric Hattan (CH), Hlynur Hallsson (IS), Thomas Huber (CH), Yoshiaki Kaihatsu (J), Abigail Lazkoz (E), Gerhard Mantz (D), Yves Netzhammer (CH), Kay Nyborg (DK), Serge Onnen (NL), Carl Ostendarp (USA), Alexander Roob (D), Hulia Schmid (D), Stefan Sehler (D), Caspar Stracke (D/USA), Timm Ulrichs (D), Bernhard Volk (D), Corinne Wasmuth (D), Lawrence Weiner (USA), Jürgen Witte (D), Matt Wolf (USA)