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transit, Ein dreidimensionaler Körper aus Hohlglaskugeln, der sich aus der Bewegung zweier Kreise zueinander generiert.
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
transit, Ein dreidimensionaler Körper aus Hohlglaskugeln, der sich aus der Bewegung zweier Kreise zueinander generiert.
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
transit, Ein dreidimensionaler Körper aus Hohlglaskugeln, der sich aus der Bewegung zweier Kreise zueinander generiert.
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
Weber, Heike
lebt in Köln

weitere am Projekt beteiligte Künstlerinnen und Künstler:
Eul, Walter

transit, 2019
4352 mundgeblasene Hohlglaskugeln, LEDs
10 cm im Durchmesser
8030 x 650 x 420 cm

Installation / Lichtskulptur

Art: Begrenzt-offener Wettbewerb - Einladungsverfahren, Einstufig
Jahr: 2019
Auslober | Institution: ARTFIELD, Taiwei, Taiwan
realisiert: ja

Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Messe- / Kongresszentrum

Aufstellung: Foyer


We intend an intervention in the form of an expansive floating sculpture, created out of hand-blown glass balls in the air space of the entrance-hall in the Nangang Exhibition Center.

We have named the sculpture »transit« in the sense of »passage«, as a symbol of the function of the building. Firstly, it reacts with the architecture of the hall as a place of movement, and secondly with trade. In astrology, »transit« means the passage of a heavenly body in front of a star, as the shape of the proposed sculpture.

In the impressive entrance-hall, we plan to construct a large-scaled three-dimensional toroid which is generated mathematically from the movement of two circles around each other in general terms, a toroid can also be described as a doughnut-shaped surface generated by the revolution of a circle. Their orbit forms the shape, which in turn describes a circle. We convert this wireframe-shape into points.

The idea of our proposal is to combine a technical and mathematical structure with human and organic properties, in a sensuous way. It is meant to reflect the dualism of humankind and technology, which accounts for our creation.

The sculpture will be a floating, elusive figure hanging like a light apparition, a vision or a phenomenon in space. Its appearance depends on the perspective of the viewer; depending on where he or she stands, the shape constantly changes. The spheres are translucent and have a high-gloss, light-blue color which will reflect the light and the space. They are all equipped with LEDs. It is not intended to replace the lighting of the space, but they should make the sculpture glow from the inside out, and should be visible all night from the outdoor space.

The blue color of the glowing glass balls relates to endless expanse of the earth, the sea and the sky. Despite its dimensions, the work will feel airy and light, and the spheres are all able to move because of individual suspension in the slightly thermal conditions.

The exact positioning of the points of the sculpture reveals its origin - a logical mathematical calculation, which is abstracted by the light as well as the ephemeral material and the moving suspension of the work. It becomes a vibrating body, a fancy attractive formation which is virtually a contradiction to its technical origin. The circles symbolize movement, and their intersections and meandering turns to each other are a metaphor for communication and exchange. The overall shape of the sculpture, which in turn describes a circle, symbolizing the infinite continuation.

4,352 translucent light-blue hollow glass spheres, each with a diameter of 10 cm, are suspended from the ceiling on 0.7 mm thick wires in the air. It forms a figure that will have a different shape from any perspective.
The appearance of the shape, size and complexity of the hanging sculpture will change by the movement of the viewer. The atrium of the trade center is a place of movement and meeting. The foyer serves as a transit passage and information point. It acts as a sensuous prelude to a visit to a convention.

Although the sculpture is a mathematical construction, it is imbued with a distinct physical component based on its lightness, transparency, the delicate color and the changing appearance under different lighting conditions and by the movement of the viewer in the space. The physical experience through the viewers movement in the work is essential. Like atoms or particles, the glass sculpture has no fixed body. It is only one of the plurality of points in an ensemble - like a swarm.

»transit« revolves in a playful manner around the subject of trade. We want our work to express a confident, future-oriented sense of exchange and to positively influence the thoughts of the visitors.