Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.
18.11.2011 until 27.01.2012
Exhibition in the Project Space
»drops on green« – Der große Skulpturenpark
Liz Bachhuber | Horst Bartnig | Rolf Bier | Monika Brandmeier | Brigitte Dams | Vanessa Henn | Gisela Kleinlein | Mathias Lanfer | Klaus Noculak | Andrea Ostermeyer | Stefan Pietryga | Werner Pokorny | Stephan Potengowski | Ingrid Roscheck | Stefan Saffer | Jochen Saueracker | Ursula Sax | Michael Schoenholtz | Nicola Schrudde | Norbert Thomas | Timm Ulrichs | Carl Emanuel Wolff

From 18 November 2011 to 27 January 2012, the Deutscher Künstlerbund project space in Berlin-Mitte will become a sculpture park. Under the title »drops on green − Der große Skulpturenpark« the show focuses on autonomous, freestanding sculptures with no fixed link to any specific place. The exhibition shows how sculptures emerge independently, claiming spaces on their own terms − in contrast to the site-specificity of installations created for a given space, a situational or urban context within which they make their statement.


Besides sculptures that are wholly and specifically autonomous creations, several of the works on show are model-like in character, although they too are to be understood as works in their own right. If one defines »model« as a simplified abstract portrayal of reality made to scale, a reversal is possible by which the model is an »original« that becomes a copy when realized. The works in the exhibition show a range of approaches to scale: small forms imply largeness, while others use reduction in size to evoke supposedly familiar dimensions.


Following the example of conventional sculpture parks in outdoor settings, the studio-like presentation at the Deutscher Künstlerbund project space features small formats − »drops on green«. The group exhibition brings together not only different sculptural approaches, but also different generations, facilitating a dialogue that is full of tensions.


Tuesday–Friday 2 pm - 6 pm and by appointment