Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.

© Jana Tost, Berlin 2012

10.02.2012 until 16.03.2012
Exhibition in the Project Space
Video projections by students from Kassel’s School of Art and Design and Berlin’s University of the Arts

From 10th February to 16th March 2012, the Deutscher Künstlerbund (Association of German Artists) will be showing video projections by 31 students from Kassel’s School of Art and Design and Berlin’s University of the Arts in the display windows of its project space.


In the winter semester 2011/12, the video artists teaching at these academies - Anna Anders, Bjørn Melhus and Maria Vedder – set their students the task of developing two-channel video projections for the windows of the Künstlerbund’s project space, addressing the theme of (display) windows in terms of form and content, and taking the specific location into account, with a maximum length of 90 seconds.


Some of the works use shifts in context and changes of scale to generate surreal moments. The display windows – which usually contain more refined wares – are thus transformed into dustbins or stovepipes, into a doll’s house, a cage for ferocious wild animals, a cowshed, an intensive care unit, a bathroom, or the lenses of a pair of glasses out of which huge eyes squint. Battles and romantic dramas are fought out between the two windows, a huge cordless drill bores a hole from one to the other, cars fall from the sky, and other strange things happen.


Thanks to the development of digital video and display technology, moving images are now seen more and more often in city streets, also offering new possibilities for art in public spaces. For the third time in the WINDOWS series, people passing by the Deutscher Künstlerbund project space in Berlin-Mitte will be challenged to stop for a moment and engage with art.


Works by:

Dovile Aleksaite | Serhan Alsan | Philipp Bauer | Sigurður Unnar Birgisson | Nora Bolz | Ben Brix | Fabian Brunsing | Manja Ebert | Ana Esteve Reig | Frieda Femfert | Kerstin Frisch | Jeanette Goßlau | Juri André Halliday | Alessa Hansen | Tilman Hatje | Ingrid Ladurner | Meike Martin | Steffen Martin | Anna Maysuk | Kristin Meyer | Sabine Moore | Aiko Okamoto | Felix Ott | Franz Christoph Pfannkuch | Ann Schomburg | Beatrix Schubert | Lukas Thiele | Jana Tost | Johanna Wagner | Lu Wang | Bastian Wienecke