Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.
Presentation in the Project Space
Presentation of the Video Archive, selected by Annebarbe Kau.

The Deutscher Künstlerbund (Association of German Artists) set up its digital video archive in 2007 as an open resource. Today, it contains around 450 works by more than 130 international artists. Housed in the project space, it includes a viewing station where works are shown to interested visitors via special software as video-on-demand. Since the archive was founded, the Künstlerbund has become an important location for education, information and discussions on video art.


Occasional presentations from the archive take place in the »SAMPLE« series, with selections made to reflect different artistic positions. On 23rd February 2012, in a selection entitled »Hörblicke«, the artist Annebarbe Kau will focus on the interplay of sound and image.


The methodologies of the featured artists are very different, reflecting various approaches to sound as an element of our home environment that constantly surrounds us. Are sounds visualized, or do pictures make sounds? Can sound and image become symbiotic? Do images define sounds or vice versa? On this evening, the audience is invited to take a listen with their eyes.


Featured artists:

Marek Brandt

Gunda Förster

annette hollywood

Annebarbe Kau

Thomas Kutschker

Stefan Lux

Benoît Maubrey

Evelin Stermitz

Herbert Wentscher