Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.




01.08.2001 until 06.10.2001
Exhibition in the Project Space
Rupprecht Matthies »Debatte, Modelle, Ziele«
Already during the reconstruction phase, the Project Space in the Rosenthaler Straße 11 ought to be artistically reconfigured and transformed from an artistic non-space into a space of artistic dispute through works and activities with ephemeral character that is posters, performances, lectures etc.
Currently, 70 posters of the Hamburg artist Rupprecht Matthies, which have been glued onto the outer façade of the Project Space, call attention to the location. On the one hand, they reflect a painterly-optical impression; on the other hand they also express a local debate about programmatic terms of the environment of the Künstlerbund like debate, exchange, goals, etc.