Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.


29.09.2002 until 29.11.2002
Exhibition in the Project Space
Isa Melsheimer »Glenfiddich Förderpreis für junge Kunst«
For the first time, Glenfiddich and the Deutscher Künstlerbund award the »Glenfiddich Förderpreis für junge Kunst« on Saturday, September 28th at 7 pm. The award is endowed with 5000 Euro and linked to an exhibition in the Project Space »Rosenthaler 11« of the Künstlerbund.

Out of 22 suggested artists, the young Berlin based Isa Melsheimer (*1968) was selected as the first laureate by a jury of the Deutscher Künstlerbund.


Isa Melsheimer combines architecture and design quotations like model houses, tents and embroidered mattresses to complex interrelated stagings. As pieces of reality they create an aesthetic microcosm without negating their original utility context.


In the centre of the installation in the Project Space is located a tent, whose inner walls are equipped with pieces of broken glass bottles. On the one hand, they suggest danger; on the other, they remind of mosaics and -being backlit- they evoke a nearly homely atmosphere inside the tent - an impression, which is yet reinforced by the mattresses that are arranged in the inside and elsewhere in the room. Anxiety and risk of injury contrast to security and beauty.


The Jury was especially convinced by the autonomy of Isa Melsenheimer's work, which shows a great amount of quality and promises an interesting development.