Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.





12.09.2003 until 31.10.2003
Exhibition in the Project Space
Thomas Locher »Axiome der Kommunikation«
For the Project Space of the Deutscher Künstlerbund Thomas Locher developed the work »Axiome der Kommunikation« (2003) as a part of the series »politics of communication«.

The wall installation takes up the complex subject area of linguistic structures in the communicative space and tests them for uncertainties on the basis of a Foucaultian quotation.


The site-specificity of »Axiome der Kommunikation« is to be understood rather as contentwise-adjoining than situational-spatial given that since its opening in 2001 the Project Space has functioned as a place of discourse and exchange between members, artists, their art and the audience, institution and street.


At this place, within the context »Deutscher Künstlerbund«, Lochner's contextualisation of the Foucoaultian quotation raises questions about communicative, hierarchic structures and conditions of the institutional art business.