Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.


Daniela Brahm: anti-tack

Rupprecht Matthies: palabras,palabras

Soup: lowJoe

27.05.2005 until 22.07.2005
Exhibition, Workshop in the Project Space
»open: house« planung // projektierung // präsentation // partizipation // party
open: house opens up the Project Space for its reconfiguration by members and guests. The project emphasizes the specifity of the Künstlerbund as a network operated by artists and at the same time puts it on a wider basis.

Everyone who wants to use the existing network, to establish relationships and to fathom formats of public contemplation, is invited to take the initiative.


open: house asks: Is there any interest in participation? Are there modes of operation which interfere with each other? Do we share the need to roll up contents, methods and theories together? What is currently preying on our minds? Karlheinz Jeron has set up a website in order to collect themes, formats and positions. The entries will be projected onto a board in the Project Space.


Who is not satisfied with digital communication should feel free to come along to the Project Space. There will be time windows, which are bookable from one evening up to several weeks, whereby superimpositions and concurrences are being taken into account.