Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.






07.11.2003 until 20.12.2003
Exhibition in the Project Space
The title »STILL MEN OUT THERE« is taken from the new video installation by Bjørn Melhus. On the basis of 18 TV monitors and a sound-collage, consisting of audio scraps of American war movies, the installation creates an abstract overall picture of light.

Apart from moments of pathos and cliché the used sounds from productions of various decades mainly take up aspects of entertainment and spectacle. In »dialogue-scraps« serious themes like masculinity, companionship, love and death are brought up as well as affirmative moments of  high spirits and entertainment, which were perfected in the course of the special-effect-cinemas of the 1990s as a strategy of the so called »militainment«.


Dramaturgy as a whole is broken open and resembles more a television-like fragmentation. The film constitutes a parenthesis between creation, mutation, emission, »recoupation«, and destruction of one's own effigy as a medial projection.


Bjørn Melhus is the awardee of this years HAP Grieshaber Preis of the VG Bild-Kunst that is assigned by the Stiftung Kulturfonds.