Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.

Simone van gen Hassend: Labor, 2009
© Simone van gen Hassend, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2010

Dieter Kiessling: Mund, 2003
Fotografie, Laserchrome Papier auf Alu-Dibond, Acrylglas, 79 x 135 cm
© Dieter Kiessling, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2010

Maik und Dirk Löbbert: Anyang, Korea, 2007
Farbfotografie, digital berarbeitet, 78 x 108 cm, gerahmt
© Maik und Dirk Löbbert, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2010

Judith Samen: o.T. (Amaryllis), 2009

C-Print/Diaplex auf Alu-Dibond, Ed. 5, 90 x 90 cm
© Judith Samen, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2010

Martina Sauter: audrey, 2007
zweiteiliger C-Print auf Aluminium, 30 x 18 cm
© Martina Sauter 2010

Gregor Schneider


© Gregor Schneider, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2010

29.10.2010 until 17.12.2010
Exhibition in the Project Space
special vision: deeper than surface
Simone van gen Hassend | Dieter Kiessling | Maik und Dirk Löbbert | Judith Samen | Martina Sauter | Gregor Schneider

In the context of 4th European Month of Photography Berlin, the Deutscher Künstlerbund is presenting an exhibition of photographs at its project space which place pictorial realities above objective realities. All the works shown have a particularly powerful and abiding artistic presence, so that they do not just refer to their motifs but also create new picture-immanent realities. This is principally due to the strict formal idiom, which creates new realities over and above the representative level – realities which establish themselves and persist in the mind of the viewer. Here the characteristic property of the photographic medium – the representation of surfaces – is overridden in favour of visions which point beyond the presence of that which is shown. Based on the artistic point of view, these visions can relate to different contexts. 


4. European Month of Photography Berlin 2010
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