Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.


Senta Connert: Maroko, 2006

c-print, 60 parts, each 10 x 14,7 cm


Safaa Erruas: Ohne Titel, 2006

cardboard, silver wire, papier mache, 15 parts, each 20 x 15 cm


Ulrike Kessl: Rocksäulen, 2003

skirts, string, 3 parts, ceiling height, ø 40 cm

Julia van Koolwjik: Susanna in Kleidern, 2003

photo on fabric, spacing material, 200 x 250 x 70 cm

Jamila Lamrani: Ohne Titel, 2006

Soumija Jalal Mikou: Ohne Titel (detail)

copper, linen, 350 x 80 cm

exhibition place

exhibition place
08.12.2006 until 10.01.2007
Exhibition in the Project Space
Senta Connert, Safaa Erruas, Ulrike Kessl, Julia van Koolwijk, Jamila Lamrani, Jalal Mikou »GESPRÄCHSSTOFF – CONVERSATIONS TEXTILES«
Conversations Textiles is an exhibition project of German and Moroccan artists, which takes place on various levels in different locations. After a first group exhibition in Rabat in November 2006 the dialogue is continued in Berlin.

In a collaboration of the artists – which evolved from an inspiring exchange of country-specific perspectives and areas of human experience – particularly compiled works for the individual exhibition spaces developed. Starting from the examination of textile techniques in the visual arts, the focus shifted to material aspects in general, which again leads  to the use of completely different media in some works.


An exhibition in collaboration with:
Goethe Institut Rabat/Casablanca, Goethe Institut Forum, Kunststiftung NRW, Ministère de la Culture - Royaume du Maroc