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Lecture in the Project Space
Travelogue #2: Heike Kati Barath »Biennale Beijing« with Sonja Alhäuser and Thomas Weis (IGBK)
Being reserved exclusively for the academic disciplines painting and sculpture the Peking Biennial in China defends a traditional bastion within a bubbling, heterogenic art scene, which finds international approval.
In 2005 the Peking Biennial took place on the subject: »Contemporary Art with Humanistic Concerns«. Suggested by the Internationale Gesellschaft für Bildende Künste (IGBK, International Society of Visual Arts) and the Deutscher Künstlerbund, the Biennial committee selected Heike Kati Barath from Cologne as a participant. From a subjective perspective she will talk about her 10-days visit in Beijing and together with Sonja Alhäuser she will invite the guests to the Chinese soup »Double Fortune« and the cocktail »Fiery Dragon«.
Parallel to the opening of the Biennial, the general meeting of the International Association of Art (IAA) was held. With more than 80 member institutions worldwide, the IAA is the biggest international non-state association of visual artists and a. o. functions as an adviser for the UNESCO. Thomas Weis of the IGBK contributed to the conference and will give an insight into the structure and possibilities of those organisation formats.