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Sebastian Kusenberg

opening Martin Gropius Bau, 2004

Jan Sobottka -

two assistants in Galerie Breitengraser, 2005

Jens Ziehe

Tim Neuger, Burkhart Riemschneider, Gallery Neugerriemschneider, August 1997


03.11.2006 until 01.12.2006
Exhibition in the Project Space
Sebastian Kusenberg, Jan Sobottka, Jens Ziehe »Fotografien aus der Kunstszene „Das ist doch der Dings…“«
Especially in a city like Berlin, where the inflow of cultural producers constantly generates new constellations and discourses, the art scene – the kind of people who populate vernissages, performances and parties to seek useful contacts, check out competitors or just to get noticed – is changing all the time.

Keeping track of those changes easily becomes a challenge. A certain ephemerality, which goes along with this phenomenon leads to the well-known effect: »Isn't that the so-and-so…?!«


Photos of the scene reflect these processes; they document their time and visualize transformation. The role of the photographer oscillates between the participating observer and professional agent. Insider knowledge and soft skills are helpful ingredients in the job. Not least the documentation of the scene becomes part of its history and the way in which it is experienced.


Sebastian Kusenberg knows how to transform  photo material into aerial formations using a special collage-technique. Jens Ziehe, the traditional photographer among the three, creates a meaningful, symbolic connection between his models and their environment in staged portraits. Jan Sobottka's (Website ») make-believe snapshots are in fact contrived scenes, which appear so vivid that they provoke the feeling to be right in the middle.


An exhibition in the context of the European Month of Photography in Berlin

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