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Lecture in the Project Space
Travelogue #4: Christine de la Garenne, Via Lewandowsky »NEOBIOTA. Fragmente des Missverständnisses: Peking.«
During their four-month stay in Peking in 2005, Christine de la Garenne and Via Lewandowsky produced a collection of 120 photographies recording everyday objects and situations, which appeared particularly strange to them.

The term »neobiota« in biology describes alien species, which, due to direct or indirect human interference, invaded a geographic region. As a result of this phenomenon not only the environment changes but also the newcomer himself has to modify and adjust. De la Garenne and Lewandowsky explored the Chinese everyday life from the strangers' point of view and in doing this also re-experienced  familiar situations.


translated after the text of the publication Christine de la Garenne / Via Lewandowsky: NEOBIOTA