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Markus Merkle, 100%, 2023 
© Markus Merkle/VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2023

4 - 6 pm

Performative Intervention 
Guest appearance at Haus Kunst Mitte - House for Contemporary Art

During their forthcoming exhibition »G is for German?« artists Elana Katz, Markus Merkle, and Philip Kojo Metz will make a guest appearance at Haus Kunst Mitte - House for Contemporary Art.

The current show there, »To Be - Named«, features six artists from the United States whose work deals, among others, with »the loss of identity when names are translated into another cultural context« and »the efforts of indigenous cultures in North America to manifest their claim to cultural identity and attachment to territorial homelands through names and naming«. For Berlin, six more artists were invited to »address the traces of colonial history and colonial injustice that have manifested themselves over decades through naming, image appropriation or one-sided forms of historiography« in their works.

Invited by the curators Dr Dorothea Schöne und Dr Anna Havemann, the works by Elana Katz and Markus Merkle, and the performantive intervention by Philip Kojo Metz address ways of thinking about the term »German« and its impact in everyday life. What does it mean today - in the global context and in the face of populist movements - to be an artist in Germany? Which forms are possible and necessary in order to approach the linguistic and historical influences and developments associated with the charged word »German«?

The performance by Philip Kojo Metz takes place on 16 September 2023 from 4-6pm at Haus Kunst Mitte - House for Contemporary Art. The works by Katz and Merkle will remain in the exhibition until 1 Oktober 2023. 

»To Be - Named« is a joint project with the Experimental Humanities Collaborative Network and can be visited before the event. 

HAUS KUNST MITTE - House for Contemporary Art
Heidestraße 54
10557 Berlin

Entrance: 5 Euro
Concessions: 3 Euro
Under 18: free of charge

»G is for German?« is an exhibition initiated and curated by Philip Kojo Metz. The opening will take place at Deutscher Künstlerbund on 19 Oktober 2023 at 6pm.  > Map