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Bernd Völkle »Kleine Arbeiten weit oben«
Bernd Völkle »Kleine Arbeiten weit oben«
Blick in die Ausstellung
24.03.2007 until 27.04.2007
Exhibition in the Project Space
Bernd Völkle »Kleine Arbeiten weit oben«
From March 23rd until April 27th the Deutscher Künstlerbund presents an exhibition of Bernd Völkle with the title: »Small works far above« in its project space in Berlin-Mitte. It shows a selection of the painter's remarkable work complex. Over the past 20 years, Völkle has transformed approximately 300 cigar-boxes into images: compressed daily notes, traces of feelings or curtly worded 'paint-landscapes' and crosses. It almost represents a diary transformed into images. Often, Bernd Völkle uses sequences of images whilst enhancing their inner coherency.

The subtlety of the small works, whose compositions incorporate characteristic elements of cigar-boxes like the impressed writing of the brand or coloured frames of paper, are not recognizable by the viewer at first glance, given that they hang far up in the gallery space. Particular attentiveness is required.


Bernd Völkle was born in 1940 in Müllheim. He lives and works in Tannenkirch/Baden and participated in several exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Amongst others the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, the Kunstmuseum Basel and the Kupferstichkabinett of the Staatlichen Museen in Berlin are hosting some of his works.